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Engine Rebuilds

From case studies to ‘before and after’ examples, this page is the place to dig deeper and see samples of the work we do at <engine/>.
Carthage website before. Carthage website after.

This redesign came about when Carthage.Co hired <engine/> for an ongoing content management campaign while maintaining the functionality of their existing site in Shopify. We updated the site design to highlight the beauty and quality of their products as we created a pathway to improve their visibility with new content. We also added a user-friendly gift registry for their guests that connects through WooCommerce. We were able to seamlessly integrate the best of their old site with the enhancements of the new site for a better overall user experience.

When one of our clients came to us after deciding to expand his asphalt paving business and offer concrete services, he had a business entity with a name, but not much else in the context of graphic design or a website. We took the name, designed a logo and got a 5-page website up and running in time to coincide with a direct mail piece that was about to drop.

Crystal Lake Catering website before. Crystal Lake Catering website after.

We undertook an update of the Crystal Lake Catering website when one of our clients purchased the company. We updated the design while maintaining the branding, optimized it for speed, simplified the menu to make the navigation more intuitive and ensured that it worked well in all standard resolutions, from desktop to mobile. We were able to do this by resizing existing images, changing a couple of colors and adding a new banner image on the home page to give it a ‘Northern Michigan’ look and feel.

Controls and automation specialists MBI Automation came to us looking for a website that would be easy for their potential customers to find and use, with a backend interface they could easily edit. Their new site better showcases what they do, using strong imagery and clean, simple copy.

Since they launched their new site, their search visibility has increased by 50%.

J. Milito & Associates, providers of services and consulting for nonprofit organizations, is a long-time Engine client. We built a website for them years ago, and when it was time for an upgrade, we were here for them. In addition to a fresh look, they wanted their new site to better tell their story with clearer calls to action and more concise copy.

NewVenture Games had a hand-crafted site built on an HTML framework. As their product lines grew and they produced more games, they realized they needed to update the site to improve their visibility and reach a broader market. We built a WordPress site for them using WooCommerce to display all their products, listing key features to make selecting the right games easier for their customers. Additionally, they wanted to feature their videos from YouTube on the new site so their audience could see how the games are played. We’re also working with them to develop and on-going search engine and content-development campaign to expand their market.