About Us

In 2005, fueled by an unwavering dedication and a vision to craft something exceptional, Jesper Dinesen embarked on a journey that would culminate in the establishment of Engine Web Development. What began as a leap of faith has blossomed into a beacon of excellence in website design, hosting and maintenance, SEO tools, custom web solutions, and digital marketing services.

Our clientele spans the spectrum, from cherished small family-owned enterprises to esteemed Fortune 500 corporations. At Engine Web Development, we pride ourselves on delivering tailored solutions that transcend expectations. Our team of adept web design professionals, comprising seasoned developers and astute consultants, possesses an unparalleled understanding of the digital landscape. Each project is approached with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that every pixel and line of code contributes to our clients’ success. For more insights into Jesper’s journey and the ethos driving Engine Web Development, delve into Jesper’s story.

Our dynamic team is proudly rooted in West Michigan, bringing together a diverse group of individuals with expertise in writing, web development, software programming, and extensive experience in upper management and administration. It’s this unique blend of skills and backgrounds that fuels our creativity and innovation. Together, we’re passionate about crafting digital solutions that stand out and make a positive impact.

The Main Players

When you get in touch with Engine, you’ll likely connect with one of the key members outlined below. Our management team, consisting of three dedicated individuals, actively contributes to project execution. Moreover, we’re recognized as a preferred agency by several marketing and IT companies seeking top-notch website development solutions to enhance their client offerings. By fostering partnerships with other firms and developers, we not only diversify our project portfolio but also provide our clients with the assurance of personalized attention and clear communication channels for their ideas and queries.

Jesper Dinesen, Managing Director

Jesper has been assisting West Michigan companies since 2005 in website development, with particular expertise in Joomla-based platforms. He founded Engine in 2005 to develop websites and internet-based commerce activities. With a degree in Computer Programming and Business from Copenhagen Business School, he always wanted to start his own company. Great relationships, service, and quality development are at the heart of everything he does. When not working, Jesper enjoys travel and spending time with family and friends. 

Michelle Dinesen, Project Manager

With over two decades of expertise in customer service, training, speaking, mentoring, and coaching, Michelle has cultivated a rich skill set in problem-solving, effective communication, and relationship building. Holding a degree in Creative Writing, she brings a nuanced understanding to content creation and technical SEO, seamlessly blending creativity with strategic optimization. Over the past nine years, Michelle has extended her proficiency to social media graphic design, aiding numerous businesses in enhancing their social media marketing efforts.

Robert Yonkman, Developer

Bob’s journey into the realm of web development began in Middle School when he acquired his first computer. Over the past decades, he has remained deeply entrenched in this ever-evolving field, witnessing and adapting to its rapid transformations. Starting from the rudimentary process of constructing websites from scratch using Notepad, Bob has evolved alongside the industry, embracing the shift towards dynamic and interactive web applications that define the digital landscape today. With each technological advancement and innovation, he eagerly anticipates the trajectory of the industry, poised to explore and contribute to its future endeavors.

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