Carthage stoneware


Named after the ancient city of Carthage that once served as a connecting point of Mediterranean trade, the Carthage.Co mission is to provide a valuable point of connection that starts in Tunisia and ends at your dinner table, bringing you beautifully crafted artisan stoneware without a luxury price tag. In addition to handmade, ethically produced stoneware, Carthage.Co also produces handmade rugs from wool that is local to the village as well as other local, handmade items. 

Carthage.Co approached our team seeking a comprehensive solution to elevate their online presence and showcase the beauty of their finely crafted stoneware, originating from the culturally rich Northern African country of Tunisia. In response to their needs, we undertook the challenge of not only creating an engaging e-commerce platform but also ensuring a dynamic and continuously updated website that seamlessly integrated new content and products.


  • Establish an appealing e-commerce platform.
  • Ensure continuous updates to the website with new content and products.
  • Develop effective social media marketing strategies.
  • Implement SEO initiatives through blogging and content creation.

Our Solutions: Our team took on the challenge and executed the following key strategies:

  • E-commerce Platform: Created a user-friendly platform to showcase Carthage.Co’s stunning stoneware collections.
  • Content Management: Implemented systems for ongoing updates, seamlessly integrating new content and products.
  • Social Media Marketing: Devised and executed impactful strategies across various platforms, enhancing brand visibility and customer engagement.
  • SEO Enhancement: Implemented a robust SEO strategy, incorporating blogging and content creation to improve search engine visibility.

Through a collaborative and innovative approach, we successfully fulfilled their objectives, providing a comprehensive digital ecosystem for Carthage.Co to thrive in the competitive market. We continue to align our strategies, contributing to their sustained growth in the competitive market. 

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