For over twenty years VaproShield has designed and manufactured high performance breathable membrane systems for roofs and walls. They are located in Gig Harbor, Washington and service the United States and Canada. Protecting what you are buiding in an easy and cost efficient way is just one of the reasons VaproShield is ahead of their competition. Read more on their site!


VaproShield came to us through a Marketing partner and has been a long-time client. For this company that provides materials in the U.S. and Canada they had specific objectives:

  • user-friendliness for clients and representatives
  • showcase their services
  • provide information about their products
  • illustrate and educate
  • show profiles of past projects

Our team created the website, taking great care to present a diverse range of features to enhance user experience. Within this digital platform, you will find an extensive catalog of their products, providing in-depth information and options to explore. The portfolio section proudly displays our past work and accomplishments.

To make things even more convenient for the user, we have an integrated a map feature that simplifies the process of finding representatives, ensuring accessibility and ease of communication. Engine was happy to take extra steps to ensure the website is impeccably structured for effortless navigation.

Beyond its functionality, this website showcases a design that is not only clean and organized but also aesthetically pleasing. This thoughtful layout and visual appeal create a positive user experience that aligns seamlessly with our commitment to quality and professionalism.

If you would like more information about what our team can do for you, please contact us!

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