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Custom Programming

Custom Programming

For more than 20 years, we’ve been creating customized tools to make workplaces smarter. Our full-stack developers take once manual, labor-intensive processes and turn them into systems that pay for themselves in saved time and manpower while also reducing the chance of human error. And not only do we develop new technologies, we also maintain older, already integrated systems to keep them running smoothly.

We hold extensive experience in a traditional LAMP environment, but we also specialize in online technologies such as PHP, SQL, Javascript, and several PHP-based frameworks. We’ve developed proven extensions for both WordPress and Joomla, and we have extensive experience bridging different systems using APIs.

Clients come to us with a manual process that needs improving, and we use our extensive knowledge to find a custom, simplifying solution. Our most recent project has involved a client who brought us their existing system of gathering data on paper and a clipboard, followed by several hours of data entry and report creation. We’re working on a solution for them in which they simply bring tablets to the field, gather the data, and create a report with the push of a button.

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