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Website Design and Development

Website Development

At <engine/>, we combine our time-tested methods of building websites with an innate curiosity about what’s new in our ever-changing industry. Whether it’s how to manage the latest search-engine algorithm or incorporating new software into your website to improve speed or user interaction and make great first impressions, our goal is to make your online presence something you (and we) can be proud of.

With that winning formula, we’ve created hundreds of websites that have become active tools for companies to energize their sales and marketing efforts. We offer everything from starter packages that begin selling at launch to highly interactive websites that help customers customize their purchases.

Our services include:

  • Audit of existing architecture and features, hosting and registry
  • Overall development of website in a CMS framework either using existing copy and photos to maintain the brand or develop a new presence with original materials
  • Use of media modules to simplify management of video and audio on website
  • Use of SEO modules for easier management of meta-tags and website identifiers
  • Integration of Google Analytics to glean information on website visitors, pages visited on website, approximate times of visits, Adwords conversion and other trends
  • Integration of JCE Content Editor for easier information entry, updates and new content additions
  • Search engine friendly URL naming structure that provides enhanced SEO and ease-of-use by visitors

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