Hey there! So in case you didn’t notice or place the reference in my headline… Jesper is from Denmark, as was Hamlet who coined, “To be or not to be, that is the question.” And I, Michelle, was an English major and spent many an hour in Shakespeare, hence my blog title. Whatever I can do to bring a little Shakespeare reference, no matter how weak, to a blog about websites, is a win in my book.

But now on with it!

We’re not your typical corporate behemoth. We know you are likely not either if you are reading this. Most of our clients are awesome small to medium-sized businesses, run by passionate folks who absolutely love what they do. They get it – having a great website is key to showcasing their business online.

But hey, ever thought about adding a blog to your site? Did you know our content creators write blogs for all types of businesses from manufacturing companies and online retailers to small local stores and veterinarians….and many more. It’s one of those things we like to toss out there because, well, it’s pretty cool. And guess what? It’s not as scary as you might think. Let’s chat about it: Should you add a blog to your website?

So, here’s the scoop: Everybody talks about starting a blog, but… it’s trickier than it seems.

Let’s add another scoop: Content is king for search engines, and blogging is the best way to keep your site fresh, no matter what your business does.

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a business owner or a have a leadership role in your company. You’re a leader, with ambitions to match. You probably know that fresh content is crucial for your website, and you’re aware that Google’s always on the hunt for great stuff to ping when people search.

“How hard can it be,” you might wonder, “to write about what my company does? I can do that every couple weeks!”

Engine Web Development is all about websites. We build ’em, host ’em, and make sure they’re tip-top. When clients ask for a blog, we sometimes get requests like this:

“Let’s add a page so I can put in blogs!”

“Sure thing! Got a plan for what you’ll write about and how often?”

“I’ll just write when I feel like it. Easy peasy!”

So, we set it up, feeling hopeful. But then, I check in later and… crickets. Maybe an intro post about how they’ll start blogging, but that’s it. Nothing for months, or even years…possibly 2016…

Small business blog

Writing blogs isn’t a walk in the park. Sure, there’s AI that can churn out content like there’s no tomorrow. But crafting informative, keyword-rich content that resonates with your audience? That’s a whole different ballgame.

It’s tough to find time for something you’re not comfortable doing, especially when you’re juggling a million other things.
When you do decide to blog, keep these goals in mind:


  • Boost Search Engine Visibility: Get noticed in those Google searches by having content that matches what folks are looking for.
  • Establish Authority and Expertise: Share your wisdom and position yourself as the go-to expert in your field.
  • Drive Traffic and Generate Leads: Engage your audience and guide them through your site with killer content and calls-to-action.
  • Enhance Social Media Presence: Spread the word on social media and grow your following with shareable, engaging content.
  • Build Long-Term Relationships: Keep the conversation going with your audience and turn them into loyal fans.
Content calendar blog strategy

If you decide to work with Engine for your blogs, here’s what we’ll do:

  • Meet with you to brainstorm topics and create a content calendar.
  • Share the calendar for your input and approval.
  • Set up a plan for posting your blogs and sharing them on social media.
  • Get your final say before publishing, and make any tweaks you need.
  • Reach out to any folks you want us to interview for your blog, like clients, case studies, or experts.

And hey, guess what? You can write your own blogs AND have a pro blogger do it for you if you like. Extra content is always a win. Whether you want to post a couple times a year or collaborate to make your voice heard, we’re here to share your story with the world.

Adding a blog to your website is a game-changer. It boosts your visibility, establishes your authority, drives traffic, and builds relationships with your audience. 

So why wait? As Hamlet also said, “Suit The Action To The Word, The Word To The Action.” Start blogging today and unlock the full potential of your website!


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