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What would five Grand Rapids engineers with expertise in photonics do if they got laid off? Set up target practice for fun and profit using your everyday smartphone, that’s what.

Steve Peterson and his compadres who once worked for X-Rite Inc. have invented a way to count in a matter of seconds the number and position of hundreds of shotgun pellets that hit a specially designed target, just by snapping a photo with an iPhone or iPad.

I’ve been somewhat amused and dismissive about the bike paths that have been painted on Grand Rapids streets, considering it more a marketing ploy for our city to call itself “cool” than a true municipal service.

But I am whistling a different tune today, having used one of the paths on Leonard Street to -- ironically enough -- get to my car that was being repaired at Tom’s Service Center.

Bill Smith is preparing to have heart-to-heart talks with most of his employees at CompuCraft Inc. in Grand Rapids, but the problem is he doesn’t know what to say yet.

Like virtually every company in the metro area that has salaried personnel, Bill is waiting to know today whether he will be asking some employees who have never punched a time clock in their lives to keep track of their overtime on an hourly basis. 

Lt. Governor Brian Calley and former Perrigo Co. CEO and current Board Member Michael Jandernoa are headlining the slate of speakers at the Advanced Manufacturing Expo to be held Aug. 11 at the DeltaPlex in Grand Rapids.