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Website Development

At <engine/> , we combine our time-tested methods of building websites with an innate curiosity about what’s new in our ever-changing industry. Whether it’s how to manage the latest search-engine algorithm or incorporating new software into your website to improve speed or user interaction and make great first impressions, our goal is to make your online presence something you (and we) can be proud of.

With that winning formula, we’ve created hundreds of websites that have become active tools for companies to energize their sales and marketing efforts. We offer everything from starter packages that begin selling at launch to highly interactive websites that help customers customize their purchases.

Our services include:

  • Audit of existing architecture and features, hosting and registry
  • Overall development of website in a CMS framework either using existing copy and photos to maintain the brand or develop a new presence with original materials
  • Use of media modules to simplify management of video and audio on website
  • Use of SEO modules for easier management of meta-tags and website identifiers
  • Integration of Google Analytics to glean information on website visitors, pages visited on website, approximate times of visits, Adwords conversion and other trends
  • Integration of JCE Content Editor for easier information entry, updates and new content additions
  • Search engine friendly URL naming structure that provides enhanced SEO and ease-of-use by visitors
SEO Rich Content And Distribution
Great SEO starts with great content. The highest ranking websites feature rich, valuable written content that not only tells what products and services a business offers, it also tells a story. Our experienced, knowledgeable staff researches the top-searched keywords in your industry and uses them as the basis for your website’s copy.

Our quality content service only begins there. We provide well-written, thoughtful blogs and case studies enriched with captivating visual media so that you can share your story — and get the attention of potential clients while staying connected with current clients. We then work with you to strategically distribute content to your audience via social media channels and other means.

Our SEO and content services include:
  • Researching and writing website copy
  • Writing digital news items, blogs and social media posts
  • Illustrating news items with photos, charts and graphs
  • Compiling email addresses for email distributions
  • Identifying keywords and compiling keyword maps
  • Distributing and pitching story ideas to media outlets and influential bloggers
  • Writing and promoting articles, white papers and case studies
Custom Application Development
For more than 20 years, we’ve been creating customized tools to make workplaces smarter. Our full-stack developers take once manual, labor-intensive processes and turn them into systems that pay for themselves in saved time and manpower while also reducing the chance of human error. And not only do we develop new technologies, we also maintain older, already integrated systems to keep them running smoothly.

We hold extensive experience in a traditional LAMP environment, but we also specialize in online technologies such as PHP, SQL, Javascript, and several PHP-based frameworks. We’ve developed proven extensions for both WordPress and Joomla, and we have extensive experience bridging different systems using APIs.

Clients come to us with a manual process that needs improving, and we use our extensive knowledge to find a custom, simplifying solution. Our most recent project has involved a client who brought us their existing system of gathering data on paper and a clipboard, followed by several hours of data entry and report creation. We’re working on a solution for them in which they simply bring tablets to the field, gather the data, and create a report with the push of a button.