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"We were looking for a good partner and we were fortunate to find Engine to help us to create a back end for the sites so we are able to manage our content effectively and efficiently while the front end is aesthetically pleasing to the eye."
Kasie Smith
Kasie Smith
Serendipity Media, LLC
"The difference is in the details, and the team at Engine sweats the details. From design concept until the last "i" is dotted and "t" is crossed, Engine is creative and efficient in getting the job done. After three major website updates and multiple small projects, I can say with conviction: Engine consistently brings creative ideas to life."
Steve Wierenga
Steve Wierenga
Ajacs Die Sales Corporation
REVUE Magazine
REVUE Magazine
REVUE Magazine reinvents itself monthly as the premier guide for music, arts, food and drink in West Michigan, and its online presence mirrors that creative energy. Engine delivered a website design that takes into account the need for speed, flexibility and striking graphics that can be switched out in a snap.
Holland Board of Public Works
Holland Board of Public Works
The Holland Board of Public Works sought to improve its outreach to its some 75,000 customers who use electricity, water and wastewater treatment services. Engine responded with a customized website that allows BPW staff to update information quickly -- a critical feature in emergencies.
Ajacs Die Sales needed to cut the time it took to maintain online catalogs of parts from more than 50 leading suppliers of industrial goods, yet keep its website inviting to visitors. Engine developed front and back end systems that balanced both needs perfectly.
Grand Rapids Pizza & Delivery
Grand Rapids Pizza & Delivery
Grand Rapids Pizza & Delivery wanted to improve the time it took for customers to order menu items over the phone or online, so it turned to Engine to integrate three separate ordering methods into one seamless system.
Van's Sports
Van's Sports
As one of the largest marine OEMs in the Midwest,Van’s Sports Center sought to streamline access to several databases involving more than 15 million parts. Engine provided the knowhow to integrate all the information into one smooth system.
Toburen Law
Toburen Law
Attorney Mike Toburen needed to raise his online profile in a crowded West Michigan marketplace for legal services. He turned to Engine to create a website that conveys competence and confidence through clean design and great content.
Divani wanted a dynamic website that captured the bar/restaurant’s comfy, yet playful, personality. Engine responded to the challenge with a website design that acted as a perfect backdrop for strong or subtle images that could be swapped out easily to mark different promotions.

Vroom -- The Digital News Bureau of Engine

Our Approach

Downtown Grand Rapids restauranteurs say that ArtPrize has eclipsed Christmas as the busiest season for walk-in traffic – and that can be a double-edged sword for a restaurant that isn’t prepared for the people crush.

But the boost in patronage is a welcomed problem, particularly since it smooths out the sometimes feast-or-famine nature of serving food downtown. Another interesting note: the number of new faces entering your door can depend on if there’s a hot entry nearby.

“This is the biggest three weeks of the year for us, hands down,” said Jess McDonald, day manager of the Rockwell half of Rockwell Republic at 45 S. Division Ave. “ArtPrize helps to bring in all sorts of new clients.”

The colorful chalk board on the sidewalk at Rockwell Republic said it all: “ArtPrize 2016 – Stop in for food & Art.” There was a steady flow of patrons for the arts and dining on Thursday morning, some who lingered to savor Corrine Hudson’s entry in oils, “Abstract Landscape.”

“Do you have any more art?” one visitor asked. There was, on the Republic side of the business that was closed for serving lunch, but open for people to saunter through its temporary gallery of 6 other artworks.

“In all honesty, the traffic of new people can depend on where the pieces are located,” Jess said. “Popular pieces obviously bring in more people.”

San Chez Bistro around the corner from Rockwell Republic on Fulton Street steels its waitstaff for the three-week event where “you work your bones to the core,” said proprietor Cindy Schneider. “ArtPrize can make or break a restaurant for the year, especially if you’re not ready for waves of people. The food has to be tasty, hot and on-time to the table.”

During the 8-year run of ArtPrize, she’s seen two restaurants struggle near her location at 38 W. Fulton St. as they tried to ride the event’s wave. They both opened shortly before ArtPrize and closed only a few weeks later.

“They didn’t show well,” Cindy said. “They were slammed by the crowds, and people didn’t have the type of experience you need to bring them back again. The time to open is just after ArtPrize, and take the year to get ready.”

Like Rockwell Republic, San Chez sees more walk-in traffic during ArtPrize than Christmas or any other season of the year now.

It’s uncertain if ArtPrize trumps Christmas as the busiest season, depending on how you define the season and include outside events such as holiday parties, said Hillary Smith, general manager of Bistro Bella Vita at 44 Grandville Ave. SW, “but it’s 100% certain that ArtPrize is a very important time for us.”

She said the restaurant starts to organize its waitstaff starting in July to make sure everything is up to snuff when ArtPrize starts. “We don’t necessarily need to add staff, because we have a big staff here anyway, but we do need to be organized.”

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