Great Lakes Colleges Association

We first started working with Great Lakes Colleges Association in 2009 when they approached us needing us to fix some strange behavior in their existing Joomla Site.  We proposed GLCA a complete site overhaul, which would fix the Joomla Core.  The problem was basically that they had been adding third party components to their site in order to add functionality.  What this sometimes does is create inconsistancies and the features are almost impossible to remove once added.  This was the reason why their site was acting up, and together we developed a solution for them to safely add features to their site.  

In last quarter of 2011 GLCA saw the need for an updated look to their site. We provided them with a modern look as well as a Joomla Update, now on v2.5. We also provided GLCA with a Mailing List component, developed by <engine/>.